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The Howard and Sons Story

Back in 1946, Howard Groen, Sr. had a vision and opened a small meat market in Hammond, Indiana. It wasn't just a meat market, but one that would specialize in QUALITY and SERVICE.

In 1956, Howard's vision grew and the Munster location came into being. Today, it is still in full production. And even now, two more generations have kept the Howard & Son's vision alive. The legend of QUALITY and SERVICE is as true today in our meat market as it was back in 1946.

Howard & Sons wants you to see just how good meat can be. We will show you how our QUALITY and SERVICE exceed all other competition. We guarantee all of our products because we know that we offer the very best there is!

We handle fresh USDA Choice or higher beef that is aged the Howard & Son's way. Our premium cattle are "the cream of the crop". We hand pick the USDA choice beef. Our chickens are only Grade "A", ice-packed, and fresh from the farm. In addition, we use only USDA choice fresh pork that is never frozen.

Plus, we offer extra savings for you and your family with our "Package Meat Deals". At Howard & Son's, meat is cut to meet your needs.

The vision is carried on for you, so that you receive the very best QUALITY and SERVICE.